Hooray! Randomness! This will be a spot for all entirely random things I feel the need to put on this site, and for all of the Those Destined things I do that don't have a proper home elsewhere on the site. That includes Extra strips, strips that don't actually work in the comic's continuity but that I feel the need to make anyway. I already have one such comic. And of course, the Randomness page's star production, The Lovely Shopgirl's Creature Lessons! It's been quite a while since I've had anything to add, but you never know . . . new additions will definitly be noted in the newsbox.

The Lovely Shopgirl's Creature Lessons!

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The Quest for the Jade Monkey:
This bizarre little gem can be considered my first actual comic that got past 3 strips. I did this during the last couple of weeks of my sophomore year of high school, largely on the backs of French 2 worksheets. There's something great about how you can spend finals week scrawling aimless comics, not even expecting the artwork to turn out good . . . that was one heck of an artistic streak. My old Spaceports site, long since abandoned, finally shut down. I've moved the comics to my old Keenspace/ComicGen site for your perusal. Check them out and you'll get a whole new appreciation of my Those Destined artwork! And you'll begin to wonder if I'm not insane.

Robot . . . ATTACK!
The reason this doesn't fit with continuity is mostly a costuming thing. Rae and Sartus aren't in a position where they'd have to deal with large battle robots yet. Nope, this early in the quest, it's just randomized fauna  . . . Lucky you! You get to deal with my handwriting.

2007 Crossover Wars