A note to the wise - this profile page is meant as a supplement to the archives, not an alternative. A good character changes through the story, and a good profile does not include spoilers.

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Name: Rae
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown, Nearsighted
Fur: Gray
Class: Heroine/Warrioress
Preferred Weapons: Blunt Instruments, Melee Weapons 
Special Abilities: Unusual Strength
Description: A lifetime of stress caused by the 'Destined Hero' prophecy that surrounds Rae has caused her to be tempermental and paranoid. She'll happily accept the description 'psychopath', but firmly believes that anyone complimenting her is probably trying to kill her. Too unlikely to even be considered and Unlikely Hero.

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Name: Sartus
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Blue
Fur: Golden Yellow
Class: Sidekick (sort of)/ Seer (sort of)/ Unknown
Preferred Weapons: None
Special Abilities: The uncanny ability to blend in ANYWHERE, despite the ridiculous apprentice seer's robe he sometimes has to wear.
Description: If Sartus's family were matched up the the psychological profilings of families effected by alcoholism that they made me learn in Health class, he'd fit under 'The Lost Child'. Sartus is by nature quiet and reserved, and something of a feline doormat. He has some poorly trained psychic abilities, and no real combat skills.

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Name: Toky
Hair: . . . None
Eyes: Black
Fur: Tan, yellow in the picture because I don't have a tan pen yet . . .
Class: Small Fluffy Cute Animal Mascot/ Thief
Preferred Weapons: Stealth, Claws and Teeth if necessary.
Special Abilities: Robbing People Blind
Description: Toky is a Leovian, a mysterious breed of creature that change forms as they grow older (can you tell I thought up the name in 10 seconds while typing up the strip?). Depending on who they bond with the most and on their own personality, they will become either bird-winged or butterfly-winged after the change, and will be able to fly. Not much is known about Toky himself, as no one in the group can understand him.

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Name: Marubel
Hair: Green
Eyes: Blue
Fur: Dark Tan (theoretically, I still don't have quite the right color pens . . .)
Class: Mage/Elf
Preferred Weapons: None, Magic
Special Abilities: Magic
Description: Perhaps the only member of the crew with a decent childhood (though Toky's past does remain a mystery). She has had a classical education in magic, myth and lore, and knows over fifty languages, mostly those necessary to decode ancient spell books. She's kind and enthusiastic, though her magic is unpredictable and potentially vicious, and is perhaps the most conventional heroic party member in the group. Her name was derived from the word 'marble'. Be afraid.

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Name: Ophelia
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Fur: Peach
Class: Villain, Summoner
Preferred Weapons: Things with Lots of Fangs, so far.
Special Abilities: Summoning, intimidation, and general villainy.
Description: Not much is yet known about Ophelia, save that she has the ability to summon monsters and commands a large, organized army of minions. She rejects conventional villainy, making her perhaps the perfect counterpart to Rae. Though I tend to expressive comparative heights terribly, Ophelia is rather short, adding to the illusion of a 'cute little girl'.

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Name: Hubris
Hair: Red, Yellow-tipped
Eyes: Brown
Fur: A kind of sandy tan
Class: Villain, Lesser.
Preferred Weapons: Broadsword, as well as an assortment of blunt instruments.
Special Abilities: None
Description: All three of my lesser-major villains are named after vocab words from my English class . . . Greek vocab words concerning Greek Tragedy, no less. 'Hubris' means arrogance, insolence, stemming from overbearing pride and self-assumed superiority. And it kind of fits him.
Hubris is basically the 'hired muscle' type conventional villain. He's less stupid than he is brash and unobservant.
Oh, and as for the picture, I did individual pics for the Tragedy Trio, but this original one turned out better. Note that Hubris's color scheme is slightly off, since it was still experimental at that stage.

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Name: Hamartia
Hair: Black
Eyes: Pink
Fur: White
Class: Villain, Lesser.
Preferred Weapons: None yet known, Magic
Special Abilities: Magic
Description: 'Hamartia': An error in judgement, the fault, the tragic flaw. 'Hubris' falls under the definition of Hamartia.
Hamartia is the stereotypical scantily-clad villainess. She's haughty and arrogant - She adheres to the stereotype as if it were some kind of holy writ, which unfortunately leaves her rather predictable.
She's also the first character in the entire series to wear footwear of any sort. Weird, huh?

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Name: Catharsis
Hair: Blue-white
Eyes: Yellow
Fur: Gray, a lighter shade than Rae's.
Class: Villain, Lesser.
Preferred Weapons: Sword. He's a classicist.
Special Abilities: None
Description: 'Catharsis': Purge, purify. Usually through empathic suffering. Tragedy wise, it means that by sympathizing with a tragic hero's suffering, you gain insight.
Catharsis is a bishounen-type standard villain. This would be more evident if I could draw bishounen properly in this style.
Catharsis hasn't done much -Yet. Though he follows convention quite a bit, he's much more flexible than Hamartia, and is open to ideas that work. He never ignores a useful skill, as evidenced by his quite skilled needlework.
He's the unspoken leader of the trio, as he managed to not humiliate himself at their first meeting.