If you have fanart to submit, sent it to charmcat@uymail.com!

If you have a Guest Strip, send that in too! I'll air it and keep it in the archives!

For my orginal artwork, my old Side 7 Archive


Foggy, an old friend of mine, gave me this waaay back at the beginning of this experiment. You know, while Sartus still wore robes.
Foggy also gave me the first fanart of my main character!
This is the strip that was up on my site for the duration of the Keenspace crash. Foggy colored it, and I stole the coloring for Hubris and made it permanant.
This was a gift from SeigneurRuei, of Treasure Hunters. He was the PensandTales member who invited me to join!
Kojiro drew this for me when she noticed I linked her comic, Captain Greyhound. She currently does a comic called Darken, which also rocks.
Woot! Fanart from Vorticus of Playing with Knives!
A third fanartalicious gift from Foggy - a beautiful piece of Ophelia and her dragons!
Beautiful new fanart of Rae from SpunkyNeko of Antics!