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Strips are categorized by Storyline* and by Individual Strip, for your convenience in finding whichever strip you're looking for. Because it would be tedious to try and update this page manually every day I update, the most recent individual strips may not be listed until the current storyline is complete. Also, if two or more strips are posted together on the same day, they will be counted as one strip in these archives.


Prologue (Strips -1 - 0)
   -1: Site Under Construction Image (Saberwolf!)
    0: The Beginning
Seeing Things (Strips 1 - 10)
    1: Internal Monologue #1
    2: Heroic Information Gathering Methods
    3: Why Prophets Hate Lengthy Introductions
    4: Incense and Lousy Paneling
    5: Standard Seer Claptrap . . . and something actually USEFUL!?!?
    6: Flashback-o-Vision!
    7: Heroic Journey.
    8. RPG Party Setup!
    9: Party Member #1: Sartus
   10: Over-enthusiasm.
Going Places (Strips 14 - 17)
   11: Random Battle!
   12: Paranoia Pt 1
   13: Paranoia Pt 2
   14: Random Battle 2! In Glorious COLOR!
   15: Hero-Sidekick Injury Ratio
   16: 'Here'.
   17: Backstory vs. People I met 3 Hours Ago.
Dashir City (Strips 18 - 20)
   18: A Grandmother's Gift
   19: Anonymity
   20: Unlikely Hero Equipment
The Third Member (Strips 21-29)
   21: There's a store for Everything.
   22: Go, go! Lovely Shopgirl!
   23: . . . Electric Rabbits?
   24: Man, I love my Saberwolves . . .
   25: Realization!
   26: Small, Cute, and Fluffy. And did I mention Pink?
   27: Sarty's Happy Fun Thought Bubble!
   28: Re-used Simpson joke
   29: Planning Skills.
On the Road Again: (Strips 30 - 41)
    30: Valleys of Astronomical Proportions
    31: She'll kill you for 'Lovely', but is prepared to accept 'Psycho'.
    32: Putting a stick through the wheels of 'Drama'.
    33: Oh, come on! You know you've asked questions like that before!
    34: 'Potential Enemy List'.
    35: Nostalgia, or 'Zoom Button'
    36: Posers.
    37: Queen of the Blunt Instruments!
   38: More Flashbacks and Blue Paint
   39: Train of Thought
   40: Fairness. Anyu.
   41: Dramatic Chapter Ending-esque Strip
Thievery: (Strips 42 - 53)
   42: A Thief in Our Midst
   43: Unarmed
   44: Legal Precident Attack!
   45: Dramatic Split-Screen!
   46: Ah, random battle monsters! The ONLY way to solve a problem!
   47: BOOM. 
Interlude: Artist's Birthday!
   48: Why Rae Scares People
 Interlude: Halloween (Excel Saga!)
   49: Obsession (Warning: Do not provoke!)
   50: Stopping to smell the roses
   51: Hero Fact #1
   52: Elves and a Blank Sign
   53: Rhetorical or Direct?
ACTUAL Antagonists: (Strips 54 - 78)
   54: Selective Dramatic Shading!!!
   55: You know I'm up to something when I use double panel-lines
   56: Cinder Blocks: Another recycled Simpsons Joke
   57: Villain Logic
   58: Round One: START!
   59: Slightly Smarter Lackies
   60: Bystander Commentary
   61: Drama, Usefulness, and Thiefdom
   62: Weakness
   63: If you have one good shot, use it to hit your opponent.
   64: Retreat!
   65: The 'E' is for Evil.
   66: Elf + Tree = Stuck?
   67: Because, of course, you can't use the 'pointy ear' excuse.
   68: Mysterious Object of Mysterious Origin!
   69: Because everyone knows Apprentices get stuck with the filing duties.
   70: Yes, Sarty can read maps!
Interlude: Art Week: Sailor Eons Advertising! (check links page for link)
Interlude: Art Week: Yes, I AM a Rabid Fangirl
Interlude: Art Week: School Magazine Submission
   71: Back on Track. Being Proven Right
   72: 'The Plan' vs Personal Property
   73: Heroic Theory Logic
   74: Internal Monologue
   75: A Villain who actually DOESN'T shoot the Messenger!
   76: Also known as the 'Gourry' Rule.
   77: Well, I have to explain it somehow . . .
   78: 'Practical Lesson'.
Now Hiring: (Strips 79 - 101)
   79: Smoooooth Transition.
   80: Thank you, Thank you. This comic will be playing the ENTIRE WEEK after the server crash.
   81: Please note:  In this business, short temper = short life expectancy
   82: Paff!
   83. It's a bit like standardized testing . . .
   84: Okay, now it's REALLY like standardized testing.
   85: Waiting room . . . of EVIL! No, I cannot draw chairs.
   86: AuthorBox!
   87: People applying for the same job are naturally suspicious of each other.
   88: Drawing ridiculously slutty clothing is surprisingly fun!
   89: Look out! Drapery from nowhere!
   90: Not as well informed as she'd like to think . . . yes, there is elapsed time.
   91: In answer to your question: Ophelia doesn't take kindly to Cliches or Idiots.
   92: Hamartia, Catharsis, and Hubris.
   93: Revelations!
   94: SHOCK!
   95: Unforgivable . . .
   96: The nature of the Challenge
   97: I've been waiting a LONG time to do this . . .
   98: That 'intimidation' factor you mentioned?
   99: Uniforms
  100: Meanwhile, later . . .
Interlude: 100 strips!
  101: Vicious Attack Dragons
Return to the Protagonists: (Strips 102 - 112)
  102: Signs, Maps, and General Location Confirmation
Interlude: I am sick. (Is there really any point to wearing a kitty-ear hat when you have cat ears already?)
  103: Dun dun DUN! PLOT?
  104: Expanding on the previous strip . . .
  105: Slight Delay . . .
  106: Obligatory bull-monster!
  107: Anyuuu . . .
  108: Should we be pissed? Yes. Yes, we should.
  109: Reasonable options . . .
Interlude: 'Nother Art Week: Actual Those Destined Art! Poster-Style Design
Interlude: 'Nother Art Week: Queen of Clubs
Interlude: 'Nother Art Week: Bishounen Practice
Interlude: 'Nother Art Week: Original Hubris Design Sheet
Interlude: 'Nother Art Week: Original Hamartia Design Sheet
  111: We no more ask where Toky carried things then we ask where ANYONE ELSE carries things.
  112: Team Ethics
Interlude: Free Comic Book Day ad
In Search of Objective (Strips 113 - 138)
  113: Not bad, for my second city drawing . . .
  114: Inner Monologue + A Brief Glimpse into Elven Daily Life
  115: Yay! Destruction!
  116: Observational skills . . . to create TENSION!
  117: It's true. There always is. (You know who you are!)
  118: Fear them. Fear them.
  119: Social Skills
  120: SHADING! WOOOO! Rae is . . . upset?
  121: Rae . . . IS . . . upset . . .
  122: And she was able to recognize it DESPITE it's blank cover!
  123: INSIGHT!
  124: Aaaand backstory . . .
  125: Late Fees and things Much, Much Worse
Interlude: Graduation and Things More Distracting
Interlude: Muse. At least it's sorta a comic . . .
  126: Changing Hands
Interlude: FIRST GUEST STRIP EVER! Courtesy Seignuer Ruei
Interlude: It's taking me a while to get the hang of writing strips in summer, isn't it?
  127: AN ACTUAL STRIP! Book Background!
  128: The Author of the Plot Device
  129: Cop-Out One- Frame Narrative Wrap-Up Comic!
  130: And it's night! For the second time! (or, And that's all you need to know about Maru)
  131: Second-guessing Destiny
  132: More backstory!
  133: The girl that hated Destiny
  134: And 'Snack Cake' doesn't actually sound anything like 'Black Pike'
  135: Yes. They were there the whole time. *shifty eyes*
  136: What becomes of the Great Legends?
Anniversary! One Whole Year of Dressing my Characters up in Silly Outfits!
  137: First-Time Evil Overlord
  138: Fake-Out! Go on, guess what the book is . . .
Confrontations (Strips 139 - 198)
  139: Transition
Interlude: Guess who missed an update? Have more silly costumes.
  140: We begin to see the resemblance . . .
  141: She's an Elf. She knows trees.
Interlude: Because every anime needs an Alice pic.
  142: Falling - complete with diagrams
  143: A Change of Scenery
  144: . . . What can I say? Found.
  145: . . . Because I want to give you a good idea of where everyone is.
  146: The logic at hand
  147: Divergence
  148: Storyline 3: Start!
  149: Storyline 2: Start!
  150: Storyline 1: Er . . . Already in Progress!
  151: In case you had forgotten, he's a psychic.
  152: That's right! I blame it all on Liam Smith!
  153: The question is, which exit is REALLY the 'dead end'?
  154: The previous comic was really hard to draw. This one, however, was really easy!
  155: I apologize that nothing is happening in this strip.
  156: 'Most cults'. Ref. strips 152; 154
  157: And lo, a shimmering light appeared.
158: Who else could it be?
159: Staying calm in the face of death
160: Ineffability
161: Favored by the Gods. Who knew?
162: The Holy Weapon of . . . Somethingorother.
Interlude: Tales from Pre-College Orientation Part 1
Interlude: Tales from Pre-College Orientation Part 2
163: Technicalities
Interlude: Hiatus
Interlude: Return from Hiatus
Interlude: Tales from Hiatus
Interlude: The Death of Hiatus
164: An Unrivaled Opportunity . . .
165: Black Boxes!
166: Why everyone likes magic more than science.
167: Plot Speeches: Why every hero should carry a notepad!
168: Oh, right . . . the debris.
169: Remember what was mentioned to Sartus about 'traps'?
170: Monster Madness
171: What can I say? The kid's got talent.
172: FOOM.
173: Aha! PLOT!
174: ...Or not.
175: A little advice.
176: The Ultimate Question
177: Small explanation.
178: Epilogue 2
179: Traps, Fonts and Wicked Grins
180: SWISH!
181: Reality Check
182: The Oldest Trick
183: 'Expendable', plus MST3K Tribute
184: Rumble rumble rumble . . .
185: . . . rumble rumble RUMBLE
186: The Split
187: Because I enjoy nothing more than picking on Hamartia
188: The Arrival
189: Snatch!
190: It takes a couple seconds to adjust to amplifiers . . .
191: . . . but that's still pretty quick.
192: Gods Don't usually have to use doors, and so rarely understand them . . .
193: Equal Strengths
194: Holy? COLOR CLIMAX!
195: . . . Destroying everything in their path.
196: Returning Peace
197: A typical divine solution
198: Congratulations! You're not dead!
Backstory, Anyu . . . (Strips 199 - 212)
199: How much trouble can he get into, anyway?
200: Eyespots! 200! Finals!
201: The one named 'Thief'.
202: Left-Handed Motives
203: The Self and the Other
204: The Logic of Magic
205: Loss as part of growing.
206: An Unexpected Reunion
207: 360
208: The Philosophic, the Eloquent, the Desperate
209: We accept you, One of Us.
210: The Path of Natural Relationships
211: What we are Becoming.
212: What Dreams May Come
Kicking it into High Gear (Strips 213 - 230)
213: Stitch
214: Massive Head Trauma
Interlude: Online Comics Day Suite
215: Don't ask if you don't want an honest answer.
216: Meanwhile . . .
217: A Wrong Turning
218: Cliche Barrage
219: Narrative Style
220: Return of the Bam-Mallet
221: A Cliffside's New Perils
222: The old Wedge-Jaw Trick
223: The Secret to Knowing Your Enemy's Every Move
224: A Well-Thought Out Plan
225: Triple Retaliation
226: The Fall
Interlude: Night of the Return from the Dead
227: Retreat
Interlude: Tonight on Balloon Animal Theater
228: Cue the Angst-Kitten
229: Cue the Sympathetic Secondary
230: Cue the Wrench
Hanging Around the Void (Strips 231 - 259)
231: Awakening
232: The Dark Spectre of Death
233: This joke would've been a lot funnier if I hadn't forgotten to draw Rae's belt as she was falling.
234: Can't she?
235: Delayed Reaction
236: Generally depicted as being more instantaneous . . . FLASHBACK!
237: After two whole years, it's FINALLY explained!
238: The most powerful non-lethal weapon . . . EVER!
239: Ah, the childhood days when we truly believed we were not entitled to anything.
240: The True Nature of the Librarian
Interlude: Artist turns 20!
241: Research. It gets better.
Interlude: Halloween! Keeping up the proud tradition of not looking up costumes before drawing them!
242: Fiszzt.
243: A really horrible glasses joke
244: Yeah. That shouldn't've worked.
245: The Universe hasn't got the budget to replay your WHOLE life.
246: Games. Do you?
247: Pleasing jest
248: The culmination of all that flashback reading!
249: Dark Soul of the Apocalypse
250: Why shirk tradition? Because it's fun!
251: The Balance and the Bait
252: This joke was even more original when I first thought of it.
253: The important difference is in the speech lines!
254: Requisitioned for song sequence: Two sets of ribbons and fifty million sparkles.
255: In some universes, the voice trainers go without business.
256: Some Mild Confusion
257: The Third Man
258: You know, because we're friends
259: Not a zombie!
Angst, Family, and Backstory (Strips 260 - 290)
Interlude: Evil Bizarro Santa?
260: Angst; parte the firste
261: Optimism and Gloom. And Surprise.
262: Running Commentary
263: The answer to the question of backstory.
264: Oh, for the blessing of thumbs!
265: The second flashback in as many months . . .
266: Oh dear lord, he's a goth.
267: Egotistical
268: A Matter of Time
Interlude: Evil Space Jellyfish!
269: Action sequence!
270: Dramatic riff!
271: Even though the entirety of the comic seems to take place in the woods, we confirm the existence of fields in general, and of farmland very near to the location of the current storyline.
272: There's a lot of exposition in this storyline.
273: Again in the trees.
274: Holy Ow!
275: Transformation sequence! No, not that kind of tranformation sequence . . .
276: Foresight . . . of the GODS!!!
277: A Realistic Approach to Aiming
278: Magic Bow, Magic Bolts
279: Clearly, it is a HOLY magic weapon.
280: The Dust Settles
281: Good. Bad, but good.
282: Familial Responsibility
283: Responsibility > Blood > Water
284: Taking a stand. . . Boyo.
285: Those Destined: Boldly Appreciating the Argicultural Business!
286: Wisdom as befits a King.
287: Repairing the Damage
288: Epilogue
289: You what?
290: On the right track
Interlude: Finals Week! Time to study!
Interlude: Further Philosophy.
Interlude: Adventures at Work
Interlude: Once more, with Commentary!
Interlude: Strewth isn't always a stick in the mud.
Interlude: It's like anime and MST3K combined!
Out of the Grave, into the Fire (Strips 291 - 329)
291: Isn't it funny when cliches stop making sense to you?
292: 'Moderate' is enough.
293: Unless . . .
294: The less problematic choice
295: Right idea, wrong genre
296: Explaining the Princess Syndrome
297: The Shortage
298: The solution and source of Rae's maternal grandparents.
299: The Beast Returneth
300: A Shadow of a Doubt
Interlude: 300 Strips!!!
301: "Features"
302: Aftershock of the Near Death Experience
303: Promises to a Past Self
304:A narrowly avoided social stratification plotline
305: "In character"
306: The Parting Shot, and Online Comics Day
307: OMG!!! Chiaro Obscuro!!!
308: Dramatic Stalling
309: Mirror Villain
310: Resurrection of the Cliche; Cliches of Resurrection
311: Hubris
312: Mazed
313: The always applicable Plan B!
314: Eye of the Mind
315: Because muffins are full of natures goodness!
316: The ol' Teamwork routine . . . falls through
317: Taking Advantage
318: A streetlamp never seen before or since
319: The ol' garbage-can-lid-trick
320: Helpful Advice
321: Talking to invisible people
322: The final option
323: Word gets out!
324: The fog lifts
325: Action!
326: Exposition
327: Ooh. Remember that little mallet effect?
328: Bouncing back
329: Something's missing
Reaction (strips 330 - 347)
330: The news
331: Dueling Perspectives
332: A Decision Made
333: Damage Control
334: Huh. They never told Maru about that, did they? Maybe I should work that into the strip somehow.
335: STEALTH! And offscreen backstory.
336: Trading on archetype for another
337: She seems oddly enthusiastic
338: Feeling left out
339: The Naked Truth
340: Now, for those loose ends . . .
341: Maru's Recap
342: Rae's Recap
343: Sartus's Recap
344: Toky's Recap
Interlude: Fanart Week! Cute Hamartia from Liberty Cabbage's sister
Interlude: Fanart Week! Dragon by RKolter
Interlude: Fanart Week! Rae by TiPhil
Interlude: Fanart Week! Seer Vision by Robert Cook
Interlude: Fanart Week! Those Destined in Sepia by Levi
Interlude: Back from Vacation! Thanks, everybody!
345: They're being awfully good sports about this dragon thing . . .
346: Insufficient Terminology
347: More on the Nature of the Beast.
A Change in Focus (Strips 348-358)
348: Best Segue EVAR!!1!
349: How to Creep People Out in One Easy Lesson.
350: And now, who we all wanted to see.
351: The talk that happens out of earshot
352: Secrets of the Shopgirl
353: A Brief List of Dragons
354: A positively cheerful outlook
355: Personal Interpretations of the Instrument of Apocalypse
356: The Ol' Spit Take Gag
357: A shopgirl, by any other name, is still as mysterious.
358: The plot thickens, and, frankly, it's about time
Interlude: The Intervention of the Shoulder-Angel
Getting the Ball Rolling (Strips 359 - 370)
359: The Temple of Erif
360: In fantasy, magical potency is equivalent with an object's shinyness.
361: Trouble
362: Stuck in the Rumor Mill
363: Evidence of a storyline I will not subject you to
364: The Prophecy.
365: The Power of Interpretation
366: The Psychic Connection
367: The Drawback to Skipping School
368: The Framework of an Evil Scheme
369: Unexpected Chain Reaction
370: Familial Connections
Mirrors of Different Kinds (Strips 371 - 431)
371: Other Peoples Sidequests
372: When in doubt . . . monsters!
373: Enter the Other
374: Usually, the jealousy/ego combo goes here
375: Quest Queries
376: There's always time to celebrate the fact that you were right.
377: Entirely not a contrived roadblock to reorder events in the storyline *cough*
378: Remember how the girl deals with insecurity?
Interlude: Fanart from Ti-Phil of the Volet! Ophelia vs Salamando, of Secret of Mana!
379: Further explanation
380: Misplaced Reassurance
381: Fire, which solves all problems
382: Massive amounts to backstory crammed into one update!
383: Downplaying the Quest
Interlude: Flickery Computer Screen of DOOM
384: Mingling
385: Misidentification
386: A Professional Challenge
387: Nothing like clumsiness when you're already feeling awkward
388: Cheap and Easy Character Development!
389: Knocking at Doom's Door
390: One more down
391: Let's send in everone EXCEPT the other fighter.
392: When you face your fears, you always face them alone.
393: And then there was one.
394: Into the darkness
395: Toky's Introduction
396: Now we have to wonder . . . is this straightforward, or metaphorical?
397: The deep sad truths of the soul
398: An accusation in the dark
399: Violent Doubts
400: The Mirror
401: Confronting the beast
402: Fear of Destruction
403: The Triumph of Rationalization
404: Fighting Back
405: Liberation
406: Trying not to let it give you pause
407: Shattering Illusions
408: The inner depths of the cavern
409: An ill-fired bolt put to good use
410: Rae comes out of the gate angry
411: Thinking catches up with acting
412: Clean-Up
413: The mysterious monster of the cavern
414: Adorability is in the eye of the beholder
415: The mysterious cavern of the monster
416: For the second time, Sartus is distracted before he can put 2 and 2 together.
417: Remember that handy mallet quality?
418: Unexpected recognition
419: Back into the darkness
420: On the way in is fear, on the way out . . .
421: Reassurance
422: Response
423: Back into the light
424: The missing character, and the last hint
425: Contemplation of the mystery
426: Gentle Persuasion
427: The Parting of the Ways
428: A little retrospective perception
429: Considering the Road Ahead
430: Preparations for the last minute
431: Validation
Desperately Needed Preparation (Strips 432 - 445)
432: Reconnaissance
433: Research
434: Training
435: Adaptations to the Mallet of Power
436: Controlling the Magic of Nature
437: Practicing the Art of Seeing the Future
438: A Little History
439: Wrath of the Gods
440: The Mystery of the Valley
Anniversary! 4 years and several hastily-done pictures!
441: Alternate sources of information
442: Immortal apparently does not equal ancient
443: Misleading Dialogue
444: Tactical Confusion
445: Encyclopedia Apocalyptica
Plans, Plots, and Schemes (Strips 446 - 452)
446: The Location of the Artifacts
447: The Reasons for the Search
448: Assignments assigned, keepers contemplated
449: Middle of Nowhere
450: The Summoning
451: An old acquaintance
452: The Location of the Second Lost Orb
Happy Fun Apocalyptic Storytime (Strips 453 - 466)
453: Divine Context
454: Astronomical Nomological
455: The Contract
456: Divine Support
457: Culture
458: Legend
459: Utopia
460: Distopia
461: Exodus
462: Holy War
463: The Rage of the Fire Goddess
464: The things they left behind
465: The Naming
466: Straight from the man-eating Horse's mouth
The Fate of the Second Orb (Strips 467 - 471)
467: Stronghold of the Second Orb
468: For the first time in the history of Those Destined, it rains
469: Knight of the Order
470: Storage Room of Destiny
471: Safekeeping
The Collectors (Strips 472 - 475)
472: The Shopgirl's Plans
473: The rightful owners of the orbs
474: Sunset on the Ocean
475: A slightly less subtle plan
Reconnaisance (Strips 476- 484)
476: The Dark Dragon's Musings
477: Scouting an Entrance
478: Heroic Integrity
479: Another near miss
480: The wonders of nature
481: Crucial Discoveries
482: That author was a pretty decent sketch artist.
483: Bonding
484: Nickname Achieved
Fair Tides (Strips 485 - 514)
485: It's a schooner
486: That influence, again
487: Games of chance
488: The oldest surviving temple to the Ocean
489: Some days earlier:
490: Inaccurate Manifestations
491: The Goddess of the Sea, Ceania
492: Anticipating disaster
493: Tragic Transgressions
494: One of her people
495: A drastic but related diversion
496: Warning- Improper use of these material may incite smiting
497: If you hadn't made the connection, this will hammer you over the head with it. I am the queen of subtlety!
498: The boy just can't help it, he's so interruptable!
499: Captain of the good ship Exposition
500: Those wacky pirates, not wanting to be eaten alive by a beast from the black depths of the unforgiving sea . . .
Interlude: Five-Fricken'-Hundred!
501: Old Sailors' Tales
502: Apparently Kotojihn's own forms of summoning are no more dignified.
503: Good Fortune
Interlude: Consider the humble Space Jellyfish
504: A family reunion
505: All other sea monsters are just underachievers.
506: At the bottom of the sea, the monster sleeps . . .
507: Safe-Deposit Cephalopod
508: A permanent change of scenary
509: The Fifth Orb
510: Kraken vs Squid: Kraken wins.
511: Tender Scenes of Farewell
512: Surreptitious.
513: Conch!
514: The precepts upon which all truly great friendships are based.
Downtime (Strips 515-529)
515: The Castle of Infinite Staircases
516: A controlled sort of monologing.
517: Where they all fall down
518: A more articulate Yes-man
519: A distinct lack of speculation.
520: Evil Optimism!
521: The alternate perspective
522: The other side of the coin
523: Sadly, the process of elimination isn't terrible helpful in this case.
524: It comes with the lifestyle.
525: More ambiguous details about the Plan
Interlude: Monster Army!
Interlude: Monster Army 2
Interlude: Monster Army Intelligence Division
526: The resume, in COLOR!
527: The 'door always open' management style.
528: A regrettable lack of honesty in the workplace.
529: Two-Faced Value
Winding Up (Strips 530-544)
530: Using one kind of studying to slack off on another.
531: The Object of Quests Past
532: The honorable tradition of melee weaponry.
533: Forbidden Knowledge
Anniversary! Five Years and Counting!
534: Because ALL fantasy stories will eventually get around to the creation story.
535: What they Were and Are
536: And what they became.
537: Yesterday's gossip is today's History text.
538: Dream Logic doesn't take kindly to Waking Logic.
Interlude: I am officially a Bachelor! Of arts!
Interlude: A sort of a compromise.
539: Doing better . . . but still lacking.
540: Ironically, I never do this myself.
541: Concerns.
542: Searching for potential sources of danger
543: Mild scheme
544: Town Square
Interlude: Three Generations
Emergency Inspiration Side-Storyline (Strips 545-583):
545: Toky and HugaBug's -Slightly Time Disjunct- Magical Adventures in Magicland!!!
546: Down the Rabbit Hole
547: I won't kid you. Nothing in this strip is symbolic.
548: Down the . . . Badger Tunnel?
549: Somehow I couldn't bring myself to make this a full-fledged Legend of Zelda joke.
550: Flying Monkeys!
551: High Hiring Standards
552: Magical Hero HugaBug
553: Magical Ecology
554: Inns are traditional.
555: As are heroic monologues.
556: The Chosen One deconstructed
557: Play to your Strengths
558: Pony-Centaurs, the latest in castle fashion
559: He decided to put in a dungeon and was only mildly confused as to what that meant.
560: The moral to this is that I suck at puzzles.
561: Of course, tradition's good for some things.
562: People taking surveys show up everywhere. It is a documented fact.
563: A tendency to be trusting is another one of those traits.
564: The Old Indy Switch
565: 10-point landing, plus Muse filler
566: Mission: Success!
567: Do not ask why they needed a cart.
568: REALLY do not ask.
569: The lion in both of them is symbolic of . . . uh . . . huh.
570: The tiny flaw in Toky's plan.
571: Learning by example is not as helpful as it sounds at first.
572: Sudden intervention
573: The HugaBug's unique style of self-defense
574: The crowd begins to doubt
575: For Toky, any implication otherwise is a killing insult
576: The world's strangest battle cry
577: Cue Deus Ex
578: Ah, so the villain is only mostly stupid!
579: The Pony-Centaurs still make me giggle.
580: Toky suffers from the uncontrollable urge to name any pocket dimension he finds.
581: The Flying Time loves you, despite it all.
582: Awkward.
583: Setting an Example
Picking Up Again (Strips 583-592)
583: Right where we left off, give or take
584: Concerns
585: Restless
586: Callback! Those haven't gone away, you know.
587: Utter nonsense, of course.
588: The Argument
589: Productivity
590: This is how rumors get started, kids.
Interlude: the Continuing Adventures of the Artist
591: It would have worked better if there was a thunderclap on 'Phase One'
592: More heroic soapboxing. I hate it when heroes try and pull this.
Uncomfortable 'Alliances' (Strips 593-602)
593: In reality, Ohsi isn't good for much
594: This is what I think about every time I get sick. Golden age for the bacteria kingdom!
595: Whether this is Ohsi's doing or not is entirely unseen
596: A sneaking suspicion
Interlude: Self-Indulgent Journal Comic Week!
Interlude: Sometimes I worry Myself.
Interlude: Art Supplies
Interlude: Back-Up Muse
597: I actually drew this one twice.
598: Clearly it's been a long time since she's seen a religion
599: Quick Backstory
600: The sure-fire argument ender
Interlude: Six Years! (also 600 strips!) Plus: Koto's Adventures in the Sci-Fi Future!
601: Justification
602: Secret Public Conversations (with raised voices)
According to Plan (Strips 603-x)
603: Some time later . . .
604: Not especially trustworthy
605: Yes. She still has it.


*Sometimes actual storylines, sometimes just groupings to make it look like I have storylines.