Welcome to the AQ section of Those Destined!

Now, you may be asking yourself, 'What exactly IS an AQ Section'? It's the same as an FAQ section, only the questions aren't asked frequently. I'll be using this section to explain a bit about my comic, it's origins, and various plot holes. Scroll down for reader questions!

First off, it's important to not that this is the first long term comic I've ever committed to and therefore the art quality is going to fluctuate wildly, becoming better or worse depending on when I drew the strip and what mood I was in when I did. The earlier strips were edited using a combination of the extremely buggy Adobe Photodeluxe and ordinary MS Paint, and are currently done with Photoshop 7, which I can barely use. Plus, my laptop screen is only 12 inches, so I've lost all sense of relative size and coloring.

Nextly, the name. I thought it up one day and it stuck. It sounds kinda silly NOW, but just you wait! Once I actually start writing this thing consistently and the comic catches on, it will lose all meaning and be a mere label and won't sound silly anymore.

Thirdly: The story.

Overjoyed at the incredible wonderful-ness of two amazing web-comics I had recently found, I decided that I wanted to create a comic too! I decided to create a RPG comic in the footsteps Adventurers! and RPG World!
Sometime during the creative process I realized just how STUPID this idea was, considering I know absolutely NOTHING about Roleplaying Games. Hell, I can only get through Pokemon with a walkthrough guide. I'm one of those oddballs who prefers to WATCH people play videogames than play themselves (this tends to creep gamers out, so I don't get to do it often). Most of the stuff I know about RPGs is off of those comics, and there are one or two strips I actually don't understand!
But I COULD do a more generalized heroic story style comic. I know tons about THAT. And so, this comic was born. I've tried to start it up a couple of times. The first attempt looks a lot like my sketchy Jade Monkey comic (a pointless little thing made based on friends at a message board), but I soured on that style. I later decided to start again from the beginning, and that's the art you see on this site.
After the original five strips I posted on my older site, I gave up, and tried to restart again on three separate occasions. Two comic, one story form. They never got past one strip(especially the story ones).
Then I dug out these again, and decided they were good, and I'd start with them again and pick up where I left off.
I rescanned and texted them, in a slightly different fashion. I personally think they're better now, but whatever you think is up to you. Or it would be, if the original strips existed anywhere anymore.

So, I pretty much have no idea what I'm doing or where I'm going. But that's what makes it fun! Give me pointers and I'll turn on you. Come along for the ride and I'll love you for ever!

Now! On to actual questions!

Q: Why are everyone cat-people?
A: Because I draw cat people. *wind whistles*

. . . Okay, you deserve a better explanation then that. Truth be told, I like the way it looks. Especially at the time I was starting out with this comic, the triangular ears and nose offered a balance I couldn't maintain in my human drawings. This made my artwork more consistent than it would have been otherwise.

Q: Oooookaaaaay . . . Are there any dog-people? Wolves? Bunnies?
A: Nope. Just cats. Well, maybe later in the strip I'll introduce some, but they'll be an entirely different species. Y'know, wolves will be to cats as dwarves are to humans in your general fantasy series. I already have elves lined up, but they are also cats.

Q: What about normal, non-anthropomorphic cats?
A: Oh, they exist! They're generally referred to has housecats or quadrepedal cats.

Q: How did you think of the main characters for your comic?
A: Well, Rae's character design is lifted directly off of me, because you will basically NEVER find a brown haired heroine, let alone one with glasses. That pisses me off, because it leaves me NO ONE to cosplay. Her personality came from . . . reverse cinematics, I guess. Sarty just kinda turned up as 'the seer I had Rae pound into the ground', and since I feel that some of the best characters are just random people that the writers then latch onto and run with, I decided to keep him around.

Q: When are we going to see a definite villain type?
A: In the time since this question was asked, I introduced an evil overlord. So the precise answer would be . . . *checks archives* January 18th, 2003.

Q: What is the necklace thingy from Granma for? ::enticed by shiny object::
A: *tsk tsk* That'd be giving away something you'll find out in tomorrow's comic anyway. No answer for you!

Q: Was Grandma a cool fierce warrior-type gal in her youth?
A: Yep! I'm gonna have to do a storyline explaining that sooner or later . . . one of these days . . . eventually . . . I think.

Q: Why is the boy wearing a dress and the girl wearing pants? (I just had to ask that one)
A: 'Cause Rae isn't a skirts kind of girl and Sartus was forced to in order to become a Seer. Pooor Sarty . . . he dealt with that pretty quickly, though.

Q: Where's the color?
A: I have a short attention span. Color would require a lot more time and work, and worse, offers me a lot more opportunities for error. Inking is just so permanent! I'd like to keep this strip running 3 a week, thank you very much.

Q: How DO you tell Elves apart from 'Normal People'?
A: Um, you don't. That's why I made that one comic . . . anyway . . . As you may or may not have noticed, Marubel has tufted ears like a bobcat, and her tail has the black-and-white-tipped pattern of many big cats. I suppose I've been envisioning feline elves as having a more bobcat/lynx/cougar-ish fur patterning scheme, unlike the housecat-style 'human' cats.

Q: I've noticed that in some comics, Toky is the size of a small cat, and in others, he's about the size of a squirrel. What's up with that?
A: Ahhahaha . . . that's just me being incompetent with relative size. Toky shrinks because I end up putting him on people's shoulders to keep him in the frame, or else he just gets lost around people's feet. He ends up shrinking to fit the tiny shoulders I draw . . . it's a subset of the 'talking heads' problem. It could be solved with more inventive panel layout and strict adherence to size charts.
Other things you'd see if I could keep sizes straight:
Maru is significantly taller than anyone else in her party, and
Ophelia is significantly shorter than anyone in hers.

Q: Does 'Anyu' mean anything in another language? I'm sure I saw it somewhere . . .
A: Probably. Most things do, if you search enough. I just picked it cause it sounds cute.
Or more specifically, cyuuuuute!

Well, that's all I've got for now. If you've got questions, send 'em on in via the helpful contact button below! If the button is inconvenient, my e-mail is charmcat@uymail.com!

Thanks for reading my pointless ranting! It means so much to me!